The Secret of Chimera Labs v1.18 Full paid Apk

The Secret of Chimera Labs v1.18 Full – Arcade & Adventure Secret of Android Lab

$ 1.99 and 4.3 out of 5.0 in Google Play

Tested with offline run
The Secret of Chimera Labs in androidpek fantasy lab” is a new and entertaining adventure game from Aircamp Games for Android, which is sold for $ 1.99 in the PlayStation, and by this time more than 1000 sales can attract people’s attention! In this game, you will be present in a mysterious and imaginative laboratory center, and you have to be able to enhance your curiosity and discover everything and see what is going on! Click on different locations on the device screen to find the various clues and follow the steps and missions one after the other and bring yourself closer to the main goal! Your very strange research has now begun and you must try to find out the truth by finding clues, discovering suspicious items and solving puzzles! This laboratory contains the secrets inside, but you have the duty to reveal its secrets and show the reality to all! If you’re a fan of adventure games and hints and tips that can take you a few hours and do not have the same size, the 50 MB game The Secret of Chimera Labs can draw your attention!

In The Secret of Chimera Labs, there are over 80 different items to find and collect, which you must achieve with your thoughts and efforts; while finding the items, dozens of puzzles and puzzles also make you Will challenge! The images designed for this game are very detailed, and each scene may take a lot of minutes for you! The game is currently in the PlayStation with a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 that we give you a free and full version of the paid version, no matter what the game we tested on the LG G3 device with Android 5.0 and Run offline. Stay connected with us!

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The Secret of Chimera Labs v1.18 Full Apkthe-secret-chimera-labs
V1.18 version changes:
* Various optimizations and fixes game bugs.


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