Data Wing v1.0.5 + Mod (Unlimited Money) Apk

Data Wing v1.0.5 + Mod – An interesting and addictive game of Android flight information

Normal Edition + Mod Mode (Unlimited Money) to your request

Tested with offline run

Data Wing is a fantastic new game in the style of playing games from the Dan Vogt Studio for Android devices, which is quoted by friends as one of the best! Data Wing sends you into an adventure to the computer and now you have to follow the person’s commands in the role of a mother, at least as logical as he does! The personality of the story moves and only by holding your finger on the left or right side of the touch screen is the ability to change its direction, but the interesting thing is to increase the speed of data by approaching the wall! In the lower part of the data, there is a fire light, and when you approach the walls from this section, the speed of the original character increases! Of course, be careful not to drop your speed when you do this! Because the speed of the Data Wing gameplay is high and the builder has made a kind of arcade mode, so the boundary between the wins and failures in the Data Wing is very narrow; just a few seconds to break your record and want to approach the wall speed Increase your weight, but you mistakenly get into the barrier and go out for a slow down! If you are looking for a specific game experience, do not miss the Data Wing!

The Data Wing game has been downloaded in over 500,000 times in a limited time, and has gained a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 , which we’ve introduced to Freshers along with the presence of your loved ones, which will first be able to see images of its gameplay. And if you’d like to download one click from the high-speed web site! The features of the Data Wing game include points such as the +40 stage, amazing soundtrack, extraordinary design and in general its addictive gameplay!

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Data Wing v1.0.5 ApkData Wing

Download Data Wing v1.0.5 Mod ApkData Wing
V1.0.5 version changes:
* Various optimizations and game fixes.


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