Tower Crush v1.1.11 + Mod (Infinite Money)

Tower Crush v1.1.11 + Mod – Arcade Super Defeat Towers Android

Normal Edition + Mod Mode (Infinite Money)

individually Tested with the offline run

Tower Crush is a popular and entertaining arcade-casting game from the Impossible Apps Studio for Android, released for free on Google Play and up to this moment more than 5,000,000 times by Android users are downloaded from around the globe and are also on the verge of unpardoning! Tower Crush is different with all the defense titles of the castle you’ve seen so far; there is no bomb attack on the enemies and building a building when fighting them; to win only two things you need to do, before fighting your castle You can order your equipment at the time of the war; the castle has different classes, each one can be equipped with a weapon, to increase the classes, you must coin, you can also upgrade their way to victory. Get smoother! When attacking the enemy, you can order each class to which part of the castle to shoot the opponent, so depending on the speed and strength of the guns, you must decide on the choice of enemy classes! If you are an orchestral fan and Android castle fan who, in spite of HD graphics, thriller sound, and great touch controllers have an addictive and unique gameplay, Tower Crush is undoubtedly the best choice to choose from.

The Tower Crush game is currently rated 4.4 out of 5.0 in the PlayStation, including 170 challenging stages, 6 unique heroes (Warrior, Paladin, Ghosts, Orcs, Vikings and Wizards) for Use and fight against enemies, 7 special powers (ice, shield, healing, fire rain, lightning storm, whirlwind and poison) for use in combat, the possibility of building 6-story class towers, HD graphics and the above gameplay. Her cute and special cute! We have introduced this beautiful game today, along with the version of the fashion version of your presence, Forex users. You can see photos and trailers from them first and if you want to download the game for free.

Free Download Link

Download Tower Crush v1.1.4 Mod Apk
V1.1.11 version changes:
* Bug fixes + Different optimizations + Half the size of the game.




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